Dental Crowns in Walsall

Restore Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Walsall

When a tooth is very broken down or has been weakened by decay or a very large filling, it maybe necessary to provide a crown in order to restore the tooth to its natural shape and strength. A crown is sometimes known as a ‘cap’.

This involves shaping the tooth, taking an impression, and asking a skilled technician to hand craft a customised crown, which is subsequently fitted in place with a special adhesive. Crowns are made from many different materials, for example, gold alloy or porcelain bonded to metal.

All-ceramic metal free crowns

At Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice we offer all-ceramic metal free crowns. This modern material is metal free and gives the strength of a bonded crown and the appearance of a porcelain crown. This makes it suitable for use in almost all areas of the mouth.

Porcelain bonded to precious or non-precious metal: this is what most crowns are made from. A precious or non-precious metal base is made and then porcelain is applied in layers over it.

Gold alloy crowns: gold is one of the oldest filling materials. Today it is used with other metals to increase its strength, which makes it a very hard-wearing restoration. These crowns are silver or gold in colour.

With older porcelain bonded to metal crowns, over time the metal margins can become visible and unsightly at the gumline if the gum shrinks back slightly, however these old crowns can now be replaced with all-ceramic crowns significantly improving the appearance. Speak to one of our team if you require further information.

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Dental Crowns at Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice in Walsall

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